The way we decipline our kids in Denmark

It is natural that your children are sometimes naughty. You must discipline your children when they do not behave appropriately. The strategies depends on your child’s age.

I have four children who are 17 years, 14 years, 4 years and 6 months old respectively. My main strategy is to impose some sorts of sanctions if they do things inappropriately. We live in Denmark and my strategies are therefore consistent with Danish society.

My eldest son (17) has recently got driving license. (In Denmark minimum age for driving in 17) He is allowed to borrow my car occasionally. If he is not attentatvie to his lessons, he can not borrow my car. He can also be deducted from his pocket money.

I have promised him to buy a new car when he will be 18 years on conditions that he will be a good boy and concentrate in his studies so that he can be admitted in a good subject in university.

I with some help from his mothers have created a situation that he bileves that the consequence is real. I am happy that he is doing good .

If my second son (14) do things wrong, he can get WiFi connection disconnected. In severe case, I temporarily seize his Playstation and Xbox.

I have promised him a MacBook Pro on his coming birthday on conditions that he will give more time in outdoor sports than playing games home.

My four year old boy often disturb me when I am writing something serious. Last week I was in bathroom while my laptop was on. He probably pressed all bottoms. I lost all that I was writing.

I made it clear to him that I will put him in Kindergarten very early if he did this again, (He does not like to go to kindergarten very early) Maybe I would cancel our tour to Tivoli amusement park if he did bad things.

If my little baby cries too much I threat not to give him the talking elephant (toy). I do not know what he understands but he stops crying

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