Can Denmark become a Muslim majority country?

The possibility of Denmark become a Muslim country is statistically zero. The Danish Statistics does count the population on the basis of religion. However, The Muslim population of Denmark is estimated to 306 thousand that correspond 5.3% of the Danish population.

Muslims makes up 5% of Europe’s population. The percentage Muslim population of Denmark is almost equal to Europe’s average. The Muslim population of Denmark and Europe is increased in last year because of the influx of Syrian refugees.

These Syrian and other refugees are inhabitants of Denmark. They are not Danish citizens and thus have no influence in policymaking. Even there are many refugees in Denmark, they cannot add Sharia law in the Danish constitution. They can only disrupt their own family by that law.

The Danish government has passed very tough laws to combat incoming refugees. The rest of Europe has done so. There is no risk that many more refugees can come to Denmark.

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