Startups in Denmark is cheaper than Dubai

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To build a startup in Denmark is cheaper than that of Dubai but to sustain and grow a business is more expensive in Denmark.

I have been in Dubai a number of times. I have seen many business listings in local newspapers. I have had some meetings with real estate agents.

I live in Denmark and help entrepreneurs with their startups.

Based on the knowledge I have gathered through my research, I can assure that startups in Dubai are very complicated and time consuming bureaucratic process. Startups involve also different kinds of advocate fee. There are lot of expenses before you even start your business.

Although Copenhagen, Denmark is approximate 8% more expensive to live than Dubai, office and house rents are 10% cheaper than that of Dubai. You, also, need to pay a huge deposit to rent an office space in Dubai.

Denmark is probably the most business friendly country in the world. Denmark is also one of the easiest countries in the world for startups and other businesses.

You will not face any redtape bureaucracy and judicial complexity to start a business. You don’t have to expend much on lawyer fees.

It is easy and cheaper to rent an office space in Denmark

But there is a catch. It is more expensive to grow and promote your business. Wages are more expensive than Dubai. To stay on business and develop it cost more than Dubai.

You have to be very innovative to succeed your startups. If you succeed, your profit margin is more than Dubai.

If you are considering to buy a running small business, you can buy it cheaper than Dubai. You can buy a reasonable small business for 50/60 thousands Dollar which is not possible in Dubai.

The establishment cost is less in Denmark but the operational cost is high.

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