Some unspoken rules in Denmark

The judicial system of Denmark is highly developed and laws cover almost all situation. Like any other country, there are unspoken rules in Denmark, which are morally guided.

Unwritten rules reflect moral values, social cultures as well as relationship. These are some unspoken rules which I can think about:

Dating and sex:

If you find someone attractive, there is overthinking and over-analyzing. You can just go to her and greet  by saying “hi ”and  present yourself in short. You can offer a drink. She may say no if not interested.

If she likes your company, you can invite her to your place. It indicates your intention to sex. If she does not want to go with you, it can be interpreted that she is not interested in sex.

Caring disabled people:

Danes show concerns and compassions to disabled people in many ways.

If stand in a queue any public places like supermarkets or post offices, we always allow disable people to skip queue.

We never use any place like toilet, elevators that are reserved for disabled people even there is no disabled people nearby.

In public gathering places like conferences, concerts we give passages for disabled people to come forward.

Unwritten Traffic rules:

Danes love bicycles; you would not see so many bicycles anywhere in Europe. In traffic when we drive our cars, we are very attentive to cyclists even there is no traffic marking for cycles.

We have right hand traffic in Denmark. When you need to turn right, we look over shoulders several times in order to be sure that there is no cycle coming from behind. If there is any we wait until the cycle passes. On the other hand cyclists do no care. They know that cars will take of their safety.

Social equality:

If you are invited to a birthday party of a child or a wedding ceremony, never give a very expensive gift. It could mean that you are trying to disregard others.

Danes love your sincerity; they always appreciate whatever you give as a gift even it is not expensive.

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