Problems that Denmark is facing

Things are going well with Denmark. The country does not have any major problem.

If you believe in Gallup poll, then the immigration is the number one problem. And Islam is the third biggest problem. The Gallup poll released on 16. july shows that 26% of Danes place immigration is the biggest threat to Denmark and 41% of Danes think immigration and Islam together constitute the main problem of the country.

Experts don’t agree with the popular opinion. Politicians follow the public opinion instead of taking care of real problems. That is one of the biggest problem the country is facing that politicians ignore expert recommendation.

As a neutral and unbiased researcher, I identify the following potential problems:

  1. Shortage of skilled labours: If you ask any Danish company what is their biggest problem, they would unanimously answer that can not get necessary qualified personals. The productivity has been increased a lot. That is accelerating growth that creates huge employment. The country can not maintain its growth if vacancies of skilled professional are filled up. Companies are not getting necessary professionals. The politicians have worked hard to make Denmark a less attractive for immigrants. Industries are worried about the government policy.
  2. Incompetent Tax authority (Skat): The tax authority of Denmark is not competent. They often makes serious mistakes. Rich people and companies have default tax of worth 80 billion Kroner or 13 billion USD. Tax authority expected to collect 33% of this amount but they could not. They write down several billions USD and hoped to collect 20% but they could not do it either. Tax authority can not collect billion dollar from the wealth but they are good in collecting even 100 USD from the ordinary people. They sell houses in open auction even for a default of 1500 USD
  3. Tax fraud: Many companies manipulate tax system by setting fake companies in offshore countries. Billions of dollar are disappearing through this whole. Not all companies pay VAT. The tax department has lost billions in VAT. Just one person has cheated tax department for 2 billions USD. A British national Sajoy Shah cheated Danish tax department by 2 billion USD in tax evasion. The news can be read here: German Authorities Target British Investor for Tax Evasion It is amazing how one person can cheat such an enormous amount and is living in his own island in Dubai

The global economy is unpredictable. If something goes wrong like trade war, trade restriction or any major political change, that could also create problem for Denmark. Denmark is a export oriented country and very volnurable over any economic turmoil.

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