Is Uber banned in Denmark?

Uber is not banned in Denmark. Uber decided to close down in Denmark because they were unable to live up the new Taxi law.

Denmark has a free market economy. Denmark cannot prevent any company to operate in Denmark as long as it follows the Danish tax rules. Uber was banned in several European countries like France, Germany, and Spain. In Ireland and England, Uber was reported to police.

In Denmark, some Uber drivers were fined but the company was not banned.

Uber operated in Denmark for 2 and a half years. It had 3000 drivers and 300,000 users. Uber was much cheaper than the traditional taxi. Taxi drivers were losing passengers and brought several cases in courts.

The organization of Danish taxi drivers won cases in court against Uber. As a result, some Uber drivers had to pay a huge penalty.

The court ruled that Uber was Taxi company and Uber drivers must follow the laws that are applicable for taxi transports.

These rules meant that taxi meter and passenger seat sensor must be installed in Uber cars. All taxes and Vats would be imposed on drivers earning.

Uber could not live up to court rulings. The company decided, therefore, to close down in Denmark in April, last year

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