Is there poverty in Denmark?

There are not any poor people in Denmark. It is not possible to be a poor in Denmark unless you inflict poverty on yourself.

Poverty is measured in relation to the amount of money necessary to meet basic needs which are food, home and clothing. The Danish welfare system guarantees that every resident will get benefits to cover basic needs.

The population of Denmark is 5.5 million, 146.900 persons are on welfare benefits which is about 144,000 Kroner or 23 thousands USD/year.

About 150,000 people are on unemployed benefits which is about 34,000 USD/year. Both numbers are quoted from Danish Stastics.

Even after covering basic needs, there are surplus money for recreations. Children gets children grants. If house rent of a a family is high, they get supplementary grant.

Health care and education are free for everybody.

It is not possible to be a poor in Denmark if a person lives in reasonable way.

But there are a few people who are poor.

147.00 persons are very addicted to alcohol.

75,000 persons are drug abusers.

125,000 people are betting and gambling addicted. All numbers are according to The Board of Health.

The above mentioned 3 groups have little control over money. Some are so obsessed with their addictions that they are far from reality.

They loss money in gambling. They drink out all their money. Drug addicts do not have sense about anything.

They misuse their money, do not pay house rents. Sometimes, they are thrown to the street.

That is why, I argue there is self inflicted poor in Denmark.

In EU, Median income approach is used to measure poverty.

Median income is the middle point in the income range of entire population. If a persons income is less than 60% of median income, the person is poor.

The median income in Denmark is 53,418/year. 60% of median income is 32,000 USD/year.

According to this approach, Danish government use the figure 150,000 Kroner is boarder line of poverty. Persons who earn less than 150,000 Kroner are poor. This means persons on welfare are poor.

146.900 persons are regarded as poor who earn less than 32,000 USD

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