How was Denmark in 1980s?

In the beginning of 1980s four parties alliance led by the Conservative People Party came in power. It was the first time after many years, any government formed without the biggest political party Social Democratic.

Denmark was hit by a severe economic crisis which was much worse than that of 2008. The unemployment rose to the record high. There had been youth movements and some violent episodes took place.

The government asked citizens to cut short of private consumption. The appeal was called “kartoffelkur” or potato cure.

On the other hand computers became very popular in Denmark. Every Danish family was buying a computer as household necessity.

First mobil telephone came in Denmark. That was 7 kg in weight ; too big to put in pocket. The price of a phone was 7000 USD. The Danish researchers were involved in invention of mobile telephones.

The psychology of the cold war affected Danes. Danes said no to generate atomic power in Denmark. Even children put stickers written“no atomic power” on their tiffin box .

In 80s almost half of the Danish people used to smoke. In public buses and trains smoking was allowed. Smoking was also allowed in schools and hospitals.

In 1980s was not rich like today. People were not so happy either

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