How high is Lars Løkkes IQ?

The Danish prime minister Lars Løkke Rasmussen has never publicly disclosed his IQ test. He probably never took such a test.

We are not able to measure his IQ without an analytical test. However, I can give an assessment of his intelligence.

Lars Løkke was very actively involved in politics during his student life. People say that he had several girlfriends at a time. He used to participate in many dance parties.

Despite his extracurricular activities, he managed to get a master degree in law from Copenhagen University. It indicates that he was sharp.

I have seen many of his debate performances. He is good in formulating his words and present his arguments.

My best guess that his IQ is between 129 to 140 that corresponds to very superior intelligence.

There are other things to consider here. People say, he consumes alcohol a lot. If he does, then this bad habit has negatively affected his IQ.

Lars Løkke has demonstrated sometimes lousy temperament. He showed many times bad judgments too. He has been accused several times for using taxpayers money for himself. He did many silly mistakes that do not match high intelligence.

That’s why I do not put him in the category of genius.

But he has demonstrated extraordinary high EQ (emotional quotient). He is genius in communication and negotiation. When nobody believed that he survive in his career, he managed to survive. He has showed world class EQ by overcoming a total hopeless situation.

Otherwise, it would be impossible for a person with ordinary EQ to stay on and become the prime Minister of Denmark, again

My assessment is, therefore, the prime minister of Denmark Lars Løkke has an upper extreme IQ and a genius EQ

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