How can you settle down in Denmark?

Obaidul Karim KhanApr 23, 2018

Denmark has a very attractive labor market, featuring competitive salary levels compared to the rest of the world. Many people are not aware that Denmark offers more salary than USA and Canada.

Moving to Denmark from outside of EU countries is difficult. But it’s easy for right groups of people to migrate to Denmark.

.Refugees and immigrants are not same which many people get confused about.Denmark is closing door for refugees but not the immigrants. In order to keep the pace of its economic growth, Denmark needs more skilled workers. According the association of Danish Industries , Danish companies have difficulties to deliver orders in time because of the shortage of skilled labours.

Experts agree that refugees create nothing but burden in Denmark but skilled immigrants are vital for its growth. I have worked with human resources and I agree, too that refugees pose major problems for Denmark but not immigrants.

Many people people have got a wrong idea that Denmark is getting strict for immigrants. It is true for refugees not for immigrants.

Last year, Denmark has got 76.897 foreigners. Only 8,5% is refugees. The number is higher than that of 2016. In 2011, only 52.979 persons got residence permit in Denmark.

I outlines the ways you can move in Denmark:


If you have an IELTS score more than 5,5 and 12 to 14 years school education, you can easily get admitted in private schools like Niels Brock college. You have to pay yearly tuition fee nearly 12 thousand USD before you come.

You will get work permit 15 hours a week plus unlimited permit in sommer.

You have to pay tuition fee every year.

Research and internship:

If are able to conduct Phd or equivalent research, you may get residence permit. You are also allowed to get fellowship, scholarship etc.

Positive List: The Positive List is a list of professions experiencing a shortage of qualified professionals in Denmark.If you have been offered a job included in the Positive List, you can easily get work permit under positive list. The list is long. Doctors, engineers and finance controllers are among others in the list.

Pay Limit scheme: If you have been offered a job in Denmark with a high salary, (not less than 417,000 Danish kroner or 70,000 USD) you have possibility of getting residence and work permit via the Pay Limit Scheme. Experienced Tradesmen, mechanics etc can get this kind of salary.

Denmark encourages researchers who want to conduct research and work in Denmark. Qualified researchers don’t have difficulty to get work permit in Denmark.

Start-up Denmark: There is a possibility of residence of residence permit under Start up business program. Start-up Denmark is a scheme for foreign entrepreneurs giving you the opportunity to be granted a Danish residence permit in order to establish and run an innovative growth company.

Your business idea must be approved by Danish Business Authority before you apply for residence permit. If your business idea and planning is creative, innovative and realistic, you can get residence and work permit.

There are many others small schemes for immigration.


The family reunification based on marriage or registered living together is little more difficult than other European countries.

The spouse who live here has to be Danish citizen or have been living for more than 26 years in order to be exempted from “attachment to Denmark requirements” The spouse must not have taken welfare benefits in last 3 years.

For non-Danish residents, condition for married couple reunification is very tough.

Moving to Denmark is quite possible and not so difficult it as many think

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