Denmark is one of the least racsist countries in the world

Is there any racist people in Denmark? Yes, there are.

Is Denmark a racist country? Of course, no

Is there any crazy people in Denmark? Yes, there are.

Is Denmark a sick country? Of course, no

There are mental hospitals in Denmark for treating sick people. There are also prisons for racist and criminals people in Denmark.

Denmark prohibits racism:

What is racism? Racism means prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against people based on their race, ethnicity and beliefs. What does a racist country mean? I guess, it refers to a country that uphold racism and their laws and constitutions grant these. In short, the country does discrimination on state level, that is a racist country

The Danish constitution forbids any sort of discrimination. It applies also foreigners. The Danish constitution and laws are not just theoretical. It has literally 100% practical implication.

Let me give an example.

In 1987 the Danish government examined the possibilities of decreasing the number of Tamil (Sri Lanka) family reunifications

The Minister of Justice Erik Ninn-Hansen decided to stall the advance of family reunification of Tamil refugees.

But Danish law clearly granted the Tamil refugees the right to family reunification, which rendered the justice minister’s order illegal.

The justice minister Hansen and 4 others were convicted and found guilty in 1993 for the breach of the immigration law. The minister got 4 months jail sentence. Not only the minister but the entire government was forced to resign because of a family re-union case.

It is absolutely absurd to even to indicate that Denmark is a racist country where an existing government collapse because of breaching a single refugee issues.

This kind of blame is not only target to Denmark but also to other European countries, too. The racism issues are often a misunderstanding and exaggerated.

My personal experiences:

I used to work for the refugees in Denmark. I have seen that many refugees have unrealistic expectations about their European destinations. When things in Europe don’t meet their expectations, they start blaming those countries for among other racism. They call Sweden, the Netherlands every country racists.

Some years ago, In Saudi Arabia, 2 foreign workers were beheaded, and some were tortured and later deported because they were infected with HIVs. They were however charged with adultery. Denmark provides best treatment to sick people regardless of their races. They permit them to stay in Denmark instead of deporting.

Some Rohingya Muslims from Myanmar tried to stay in the United Arab Emirates. They were severely tortured and placed in the prison.

In many Asian countries, if you move from one city to another even within your own country, you will face resistance from local inhabitants. People from different religions can’t marry one another.

Racist countries have a racist constitution. South Africa was an official racist country. Apartheid was a political and social system in South Africa which Nielson Mandela fought against. There are still some racist countries in the world. No European country is one of them.

Racism does not exist in the state level:

Racism is also used as an excuse for the unsuccessful people. They need to blame something for their failures. Their easy target is racism. The phenomenon is also true for a few Danes. When they are addicted to drugs and alcohol and have no money, they blame foreigners for their misfortunes.

Immigration laws vary from one country to other. The refugee laws have been more liberal in Sweden than Denmark. On the other hand, skilled workers migration is easier in Denmark. However, all laws abide by the international standard.

There are stereotype people in this world. A few of them also, live in Denmark. The view foreigners as a threat to their culture and tradition as well as economy. There are also people in the East who blame multinational companies and globalization for their poverty.

Many people make their conclusion based on a very few exceptional incidents.

Denmark is the one of the least racist country in the world

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