Denmark has radical Islam problem not Islam problem

Denmark does not have Islam problem. Denmark has a radical Islam problem.

There have been several terror attacks in DenmarK. Among those Copenhagen shootings -2015 was the most violent one. The bloody shooting took place in Copenhagen at a public event called “Art, Blasphemy and Freedom of Expression” at Krudttønden cultural centre. Two persons and the perpetrator were killed, while five police officers were wounded. Since then the Danish police has been high alert.

This radical Islam is a big problem in Denmark. It creates public panic. It is also very expensive to keep security alert round the clock. A lot of surveillance is very unpleasant and problematic.

I don’t think, Denmark has a problem with Islam religion. There are many mosques in Denmark. The Grand mosque in Copenhagen is the largest mosque in the Nordic Europe. I have never seen any kind of restriction on Islam. I am not aware of that many Danes consider Islam is a problem.

Denmark is a tolerant society and there are more than 1000 religions in Denmark. The religion is not in general a problem.

But there are some stereotype people who think that Muslims can not be integrated in the Danish society. There are a few muslims who are preoccupied with their own problems and they are not very interested to be integrated.

Those people are unfortunately get lot of media coverage. It the end, it sounds like there is Islam problem in Denmark.

Some Imams are not helping the problem. They teach children lessons that are not consistent with problem. Some also try to prevent their children from modern education.

This kinds of problems exist in many countries, not just in Denmark

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