Danish students have less student debt than USA

Among all Western countries Danes have the least student loans. Only 34% Danish students have study loan compared to 44% ten years. The number of loan takers is reducing. Færre unge låner til studierne (Less young borrow for study)

Nearly 20 million Americans attend college each year. Of that 20 million, close to 12 million – or 60% – borrow annually to help cover costs

In Denmark, higher education receives government funding which is called SU. so student loans are much less common. Each student gets 6000 Kr or 950 USD/month in grant on the top of free education.

6000 Kr is not enough for living. The living cost of a student in Denmark is about 8000 Kroner or 1200 USD/month.

Some students borrow from the state to supplement SU or study grant. But most of the students work few hours a month to supplement the grant.

Unlike some countries, students do not normally accept help from their parents. Sometimes they borrow little, sometimes they work besides their studies.

I have not researched about study loans in Sweden and Norway. But I assume the picture will not be much different from Denmark

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