Danes have nothing against colored people

Some people asked me on Quora why Danes are particularly racist against black people. This question has a wrong premise. Here in Denmark, we conduct all types of scientific studies on social and anthropological issues. I, also, have participated in several cross-cultural studies.

We have never found racism that has any statically significant. People often make a common mistake that they come to a conclusion based very few samples. Danes are not xenophobic to any color.

There are some hostility among Danes towards Muslims but by no means it is attributed to skin color. Studies show that people from some African countries are difficult to be integrated in Danish society. I worked as a mentor for refugees.

The problems about integration have nothing to do with race. It is because those people have no education at all. Municipalities have spent millions of dollar for their interpreters. I have talked to them, they complained that Danes are racists and they don’t do much for them because they are black. If their own government would do a little fraction of that the Danish government has done to them they would not have to stuck in this problem.

I have answered similar questions before. Weird but true that the Danish government used a lot of efforts to spoil their international images. The Interior Ministry published huge paid announcements in many Arab countries to promote that Denmark is not good for foreigners. I give a link of the Washingston Post: https://www.washingtonpost.com/n… . This appeal never gave any result. Denmark has problems with influx with refugees but the country need skilled immigrants. The government effort scared skilled workers about Denmark and the propaganda gave backlash.

Danes have not come from other planet that they would have very special characteristics that differ from other nationals. Like anywhere else in the world, some people have stereotype perceptions Denmark . Those people attribute every problem to foreigner. They could be racists, too. But this is not a general picture.

The racism exists among human race. You have to watch how the authority is dealing with the racism crime. I believe, that the Danish police handles racism matter effectively.

I have noticed, some people have experienced that they have been bullied and harrassed because of they are black. These are very sad incidents.

Denmark is a safe country but crimes do happen. Racism cannot be excluded. But those are not common. Because of some unrealed and unmotivated incidents, it should not be concluded that Danes are racists to black people,

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