Best startups idea for foreign investment in Denmark

Forbes Magazine ranks Denmark no. 1 in their global league table “Best Countries for Business” for the second year in a row. The world bank also has ranked Denmark as the best country for business in Europe. Denmark has the most transparent and efficient business regulation in the world. Denmark is also the Gateway to the Northern Europe. Start-up in Denmark is very smart strategy for foreign investors.

In a business friendly and wealthy country like Denmark, every sector of business has potential You can find all kind of products in Denmark. But you can still sell your products by doing product differentiating.

I always give emphasis on socio-economic perspective when starting a business. Denmark is a welfare state. The social perspective of business is therefore very important in Denmark.

The demand and popularity of products in Denmark are related to trend of the society. Let me give an example. 3 decades ago, over 50% of Danes used to smoke and now, only 17% of population smoke cigarettes. The demand of tobacco has been reduced but on the other hand, the demand of substitute products has increased. Many kinds of electronic cigarettes are selling good.

Another, the new trend of Denmark is workout, motion and eating low calory food. And this trend is becoming stronger. Low fat food and natural products are very hot items in Denmark.

When you want startup in Denmark, you have to give consideration to trend of the Danish society. You also need to do your own research.

Denmark government has Start-up scheme for non-EU entrepreneurs. The purpose is to provide a gateway for innovative foreign entrepreneurs outside Europe to take part in Denmark’s vast startup opportunities. The retails business like shop, restaurant etc. are not eligible for this scheme. Start-up Denmark is for innovative and scalable businesses with a clear growth potential. Your business plan has to be approved

You must have a business plan approved by the Start-Up Denmark in order to get residence and work permit for you and your employees. I helped a Chinese entrepreneur with a business plan. They placed a project of Recycling of Construction Waste. The purpose was to recycle leftover materials from construction sites like hardwood, and waste metals. And resell them. Denmark encourage recycle waste products for the sake of environment. In plan, I did clarify how this innovative project would benefit environment.

I think, that recycle business, natural health products and low calorie food have great potentials in Denmark

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