Amazon will soon enter Denmark

A number of well-known Danish e-commerce insiders think that Amazon will soon launch in Denmark and that could already in this year. Amazon already delivers to more than 50 countries in Europe and has made its Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) delivery eligible in 26 countries including Denmark.

Germany and the UK have been Amazons largest overseas market outside the USA . Since Amazon launched in Europe in 2010, the company has significantly expanded significantly in Europe.

If you study the expansion strategy of Amazon, it clearly indicates that the company will very soon launch in Sweden, Denmark, and Finland.

There has been massive media coverage in Danish and Swedish newspapers that Amazon will soon invade Sweden and Denmark.

Amazon does not disclose its strategic expansion plan. But it seems that all e-commerce business, as well as physical, retails shops in Denmark and Sweden are very much convinced that Amazon is on the way to Denmark and Sweden. The launching of Amazon means that Danish customers will get a day to day delivery without any transportation charge.

Many online shops and retails business are already making their strategic plan for survival when Amazon comes. The way experts are talking about the launching of Amazon in Scandinavia is actual and eminent n. Some experts even predict massive collapse of physical shops in Denmark.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) that provides on-demand cloud computing platforms to individuals and companies has already opened offices in Copenhagen. The Scandinavian director of Amazon Web Service say that “Denmark has a potential far greater than the country’s size, both in terms of its highly qualified talent reserve and the many interesting companies of all kinds.”

As a business consultant, I think there are overwhelming indications that Amazon will in near future be live in Denmark. But I do not believe that it will cause dead of many retails business. However, entrepreneurs must take the issue very seriously and make their strategies ready before Amazon comes.

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